Star Wars Charity Auction to aid the Victorian Bushfire Appeal

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On February 7th 2009, the state of Victoria in Australia was ravaged by Bushfires.

These wildfires destroyed thousands upon thousands of hectares of native forests and laid waste to many townships.

Over 2000 homes were destroyed and over 7000 people were left homeless by these fires which burned out of control for many weeks. Over 200 people were reported to have lost their lives in what was to become known as Australia's worst natural disaster.

The people of Australia however were not beaten by these events and they rallied together as one to help those in need. Countless donations of clothes and food flooded into relief centers and thousands of volunteers lined up to help. People donated their time, their homes and opened their hearts to help those effected by the fires.

Entire communities need to be rebuilt.
Roads, sewerage, water, power, electricity, schools, shops and of course homes will all need to be replaced and rebuilt before these communites can get back to normal.

Of course for some the scars will never heal, but we can all do something to help them along the way to recovery.

Continued Assistance

Despite the huge amount of donations that have flooded in, the one thing that these communities effected really need is money, and that's were the idea for this auction comes from.

After a very successful fundraising weekend by the members of the South Australian Star Wars community, the idea was born to run a Star Wars related charity auction to raise money to help the survivors of the fires get back on their feet.

Word was sent out to various Actors, Authors, Artists, and Officials in the Star Wars universe telling them of the plight of the Victorian people, and like the true heros they are, they rallied to the cause.

Donations of autographed photos and limited edition prints started to flood in from all around the world.



Special thanks goes to the following people for their kind support and generous donations:
(In no special order)

  • Red Cross Australia 
  • Lucasfilm Ltd
  • Steve Sansweet
  • Jeremy Bulloch
  • Dave Prowse
  • Richard LaPermentier
  • Kenny Baker
  • Sean Williams
  • Karen Miller
  • Bonnie Piesse
  • Karen Traviss
  • Michael Stakepole
  • Kevin J Anderson
  • Rebecca Moesta
  • Nicola Scott
  • Ebay

How can I help?

Follow the link below to the Ebay site for the Star Wars Charity Auction and bid on the items on offer.

All items are guaranteed authentic and original, in fact most will be shipped directly to the winning bidder from the donors cool is that?

Special thanks to the Australian Red Cross for their support.